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If you need help or support during this challenging time that many of us are finding difficult OR if you are in a position to help someone else please let the parish office aware by phone or email. 

Please remember, if you wish to have a chat with someone either call the parish office (9465 4717) or the parish mobile (0492 883 232). 


A Letter To St Clare's Parish

My dear friends, there are many of us who go to Church to show our love of God and to be united with other parishioners, especially through our faith and good works. As you undoubtedly, by now, know that the four Victorian Bishops have had to make a very serious decision and suspended all public celebrations of liturgies, including the Mass.

This is expected in a time of war ... but a virus? This is truly a war of a different sort, and as a people of faith we must not give up. We must listen to the authorities, church (ecclesial) and state (statutory). Our interests and health are the basis our their decisions.

There will be those who will find this extremely sad, and this time, so difficult – and so it is. It is also sad because for many of us we have never been through anything like this before.

Yet, there are those who have been through similar experiences; those who have experienced war or isolation (for whatever reason). Many of these people will tell us – THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THIS.

I have the added sadness because I am new in this wonderful parish. I have only come to know some of you and I have been forced to be distanced from you because of COVID-19. Please know this distancing has had a great effect on me because my ability to help you in this time has been diminished greatly.

But, the sadness that comes from our inability to praise and worship our God as one can be hard to take, and this sadness is real. Please remember: we are a people of FAITH, HOPE & LOVE.  Just because Masses have been suspended this does not mean our prayer needs to stop!. The Archbishop of Melbourne has placed us all, at this time, under the care of St Joseph. Pray for his intercession. Pray as an individual, pray as a family, pray the Rosary or another prayer that unites you and us with our loving God. I have included some (or links to) prayers on this web-page, especially as we come to Holy Week and Easter. Please use and pray them and make copies to give to those who are unable to access the internet. This is a time to ensure our theological virtues of faith, hope and love are active and alive!

Pray for the sick, the poor, the unemployed. Don’t forget to look out for anyone who needs our assistance. Do it from a distance and keep safe … but DO IT!! A simple telephone call, a simple greeting, a reminder that we are all in this together.

Like many of you I look forward to the day when we come back together in church.

Please keep a look out on our parish web-page and make copies for those unable to access the net. This is a way of keeping together.

As you may already know, I will continue to celebrate Mass daily (but privately). If you have a personal intention you would like me to offer for you, please let me know. You are all in my prayers and thoughts and my Masses are our Masses, offered for your intentions.

I have images of the Divine Mercy. If anybody wishes to receive a copy please let me know by emailing me at [email protected] You cannot come to church but I can personally deliver it you, so on the email put your address and phone number and I will let you know I will be delivering it. I will be practising social distancing, so I will place the image in your letterbox or on your veranda, but will not come in. I hope you understand the importance of this.

Let us continue to be as one in all aspects of our faith in this most difficult time.

Thank you for being so courageous in  such an unprecedented time. Remember that each of us is affected by it.

St Joseph, look after us and pray for us.

St Clare, look after us and pray for us.

St Catherine of Sienna, look after us and pray for us.

Let us continue to pray together, at a distance, and for each other. 

God's blessing be upon each of you and your loved ones.

Fr John Magri, P.P.