St Clare's Parish

Thomastown West

Victoria, Australia

Preach at all times.

     Then, if you have to, 

          use words. 

St Francis of Assisi

Feast Day: 4th October

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We are a Community dedicated to seeking God through prayer 

and serving people 

through our action.

At St Clare's Parish, 

Thomastown West,

we are committed to the safety, 

well-being and dignity of all children, youth, and 

vulnerable people.

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and Mass/church attendance 

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Latest Update

Dear People of God,

With the help of God we are gradually moving towards a greater freedom. This also means that we may have to readjust the ways we think and work. This is a task we, at St Clare’s, Thomastown, are very much aware of and take seriously.

The following applies:

a)    Masses are open to ALL (vaccinated and unvaccinated alike);

b)    Proof of vaccination is no longer required;

c)     The 1.5 meter personal distancing should be observed;

d)  Mass times are as normal for weekdays and weekends (Christmas program can be found below; 

e)   If you are feeling unwell or awaiting a COVID-19 test verification (even without presenting symptoms) please do not attend church or parish setting until a negative result is confirmed. Additionally, under no circumstances should anyone attend who is closely connected to people awaiting results or have tested positive.

Thank you for adhering to these guidelines. For more information, please contact the parish office on 9926 2393 or 0492 883 232.


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